We are seeking investment professionals that wish to go independent or are independent and wish to break away from the “status quo” of the typical advisor business model – to one that empowers the advisor to work in the best interest of their client.

Why Join Us ...

Our goal is to provide representatives with the flexibility and support needed to service the ever-growing needs of their clients.

  • We bring an innovative culture based on integrity, service and respect.
  • We can only succeed by helping others succeed. Helping our advisors and our clients.
  • We believe “Independence is Essential” - our independence - the independence of our advisors to serve their clients - and our client’s independence

With us, advisors can work as an independent advisor, a team/office, or a part of our Wealth Management team.

We offer:

  • Business plan development assistance using the representative' s competitive edge
  • One on one coaching, to help you break through the roadblocks you may be facing.
  • Open architecture business model, where you may offer consulting, planning and investment management services.
  • A fee for service platform.
  • Multiple platforms to choose from.
  • On-boarding assistance
  • Personal Brand Website (optional)
  • Online Wealth Portal (optional)
  • Written Succession Plan (optional)

For more information contact us for a confidential consultation.