Planning Services

Practical Help for Your Ideal Retirement

This service is a simple, yet professional and comprehensive, planning solution to help transition you into and through your ideal retirement. This process is accomplished in 5 easy, yet powerful steps - 

  1. Data and fact gathering.  This is where we bring all your resources together.  This helps both you and us fully understand all of your financial information - essential for complete and accurate planning.
  2. Focused Planning Session - What is your ideal retirement?  We start with this question and take time to dig deep into this important and powerful question, while also focusing on what is truly important to you.
  3. Regrouping Session - Discuss the outcome of your detailed retirement projection.  An in-depth analysis is reviewed, and recommendations are presented.
  4. Implementation & Execution of the plan - We move forward with the detailed recommendations.
  5. R&R Time - Review & Refresh - It's important to take a time-out to review progress in your finances - and in your life.  We'll help keep you on track and focused on the big picture. We can also provide help on overcoming roadblocks. 

This service includes - 

  1. A comprehensive financial management plan based on your financial goals and what you want your ideal retirement to look like.
  2. 1 year of total access to your planner and our planning services.
  3. 1-year use of our industry-leading Wealth Center through your Personal Financial Web Portal.
  4. Periodic Review & Refresh sessions to keep you on track.

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