Investment Management

We believe the best path to prosperity is obtained through investment management that is flexible enough to navigate a wide variety of economic and market conditions, and has the ability to be adaptive to major changes in the market and the economy over time.  It is important that we remain flexible and be willing to invest along the full spectrum of the capital markets.

We only offer financial and investment advice after a thorough review of a client’s financial situation, investment goals, and their willingness and ability to accept the risk associated with an investment program.

"Best Idea" Investment Management

“Best Idea” investing is based on an article written by Randy Cohen, Christopher Polk, and Bernard Silli called “Best Ideas” that was published in November 2005 and re-drafted in October 2008.  Our “Best Idea” portfolio management was developed as a concept using the same principles presented in this publication.  The concept of “Best Ideas” not only applies at the security selection level, it also applies at the Macro Economics level and most importantly at the individual investor level.

We maintain the following portfolio offerings

Portfolios for Capital Growth 

Debt & Equity Income Portfolios

Tax Advantaged Portfolios

Diversified Investment Strategies


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